Updates Log

A running log of updates to our guides.


Updates in 2022:

5/26/22 - Findora FRA Validator Online!

Our new Findora $FRA Validator is now online! Stake with us and earn 51% APY on Findora!

We, of course, setup Harmony ONE with it's own section now along side our brand new Findora Validator Guides!

5/5/22 - One site to rule them all

One guide to guide them all - Combined both guides into one - Companion & Toolbox Guide United!

5/4/22 - Moved to a new platform and host! Enjoy!

Moved platform, minor updates for now


Updates in 2021:

9/18/21 - Prepping validator-toolbox

Re-arranged some items and broke it down into smaller information. Working on pre-loading the version that will go live with the validator toolbox.

7/24/21 - EasyNode.ONE

We are now EasyNode.ONE We'll have a toolset for validators coming in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

6/17/21 - Raspberry Pi

Setup links to the Raspberry Pi Node Setup guide that was added to the official site after being created by Stakeridoo!

6/2/21 - stats.sh scripts

Upgraded & supercharged the scripts with the help of Stakeridoo's recent github release for raspberry pi.

5/16/21 - Vultr

Added Vultr as a Cloud Provider in notes with the testing of a 3rd node on their services.

5/7/21 - Cloud Requirements & Managing Nodes

Updated cloud requirements with upgrades to the official guide completed.
Built the Validator Toolbox
Created Monitoring Nodes page for new validators looking for monitoring tips


Big update today, rearranged most of the guide intro to help people deciding if this is the right choice for them along with delving more into server costs and locations after a lot of new validators found out the big 3 cloud providers are quite pricey for data transfer. Added a link to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for Windows to help people get into Linux as that's what your node will run.

4/12/21 - Stats Script

Added Harmony Version Printout to bottom of the Stats Script.

4/9/2021 - New branding and site!

New URL Change Fixed intro section for Advanced Tips

4/3/2021 - Shard Selection

With the recent issues on Shard 0 we updated the guide and encourage users to create keys on another shard instead of 0. Any of the others are fine, take your pick.