Quick Install Steps

Our short guide for quickly re-running our Validator Toolbox.

Brand New, First Time Validators


This guide won't work out so well for absolutely new users. You should go through the New Validator Companion Guide and setup a node manually before you attempt the quick version.

Server Prep

For full details on how to prep your first server from your provider, see our Server Prep section first.

  • ✔️ A new Ubuntu 20.04LTS server
    • ✔️ Login as a user account with sudoless root access or run and install as root -Digital Ocean Admins: Use the User Data section from our main guide to do this automatically! -Other Providers Admins: Use the Any Other Provider Guide on how to edit your sudoers file or give access via groups.
    • ✔️ Volume Support -If you have one large disk, you're good to go. -Digital Ocean Auto Mounted Volumes will be detected and used for installation storage. -Other Providers: Mount your volume as a folder inside /mnt and it will be detected automatically and used for installation storage.

That's it for the requirements, you're ready to connect to your new server and install the Harmony Validator Server Node software.

Pull & Install on a New or Existing Server

Login as the user that will run your harmony service, then run the following to install dependencies, pull the repository into your home directory.

sudo apt-get install dnsutils git python3-pip python3-dotenv unzip -y
git clone https://github.com/easy-node-one/validatortoolbox.git

Install requirements.

cd validatortoolbox
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Run the installer from anywhere.

python3 ~/validatortoolbox/toolbox/install.py

First load of application on any server/system

The first time you run the python application we will build environment settings in ~/.easynode.env

You will be presented with menus to choose your preferred node setup:

Run the Server Node Installer New Servers or just run the Validator Toolbox Menu Existing

Continue onto our Setup Menus section of the main guide for more information on each available choice during our guided menu installer.