Our notes on the telegram notification bot

Telegram vStats Bot

Made by Fortune.ONE Validator, you will want to setup this bot on telegram to notify you about issues. It's the best way to get notified of any problems.

This can also give you a summary of delegations (including delegations via metamask) and your wallet balances. You can watch multiple wallets and validators with this tool.

Message the bot and type /start to get started.

vStatsBot Options

Telegram Notification Bot

You can use the Harmony Analytics Bot to get notification on changes to wallets or to validators. Hit up the telegram bot to get started. This one is great for knowing when the next epoch is about to start.

To pull up the menu send


To set your favorite wallets add, mutliples separate with a comma no spaces

/setaddress <one wallet address>

To set your validator address

/setfav <one validator wallet address>