Robovalidator Autobidder

Automatically bid for slots

Robovalidator has an autobidder application. You'll find the github on this page. The setup instructions are included in the file in the repository.


The autobidder can be run with the configuration as is on any Shard 0 node along side your ~/harmony folder. You will always get the best response running autobidder on a Shard 0 node.

If you're not running it on a Shard 0 node (it can be run anywhere hmy is installed in ~/harmony/) you just need to set the following to True so your node will send requests to the blockchain and depending on traffic may need to increase your gas.


Control and operation

If you're having troubles launching autobidder and it's failing for the password, try using an empty ~/harmony/passphrase.txt file and see if you get a different result.

We use VS Code with Remote SSH to manage the files, see our Admin Tools post from earlier on that application.


I don't provide support for this application, join the harmony staking telegram chat if you have questions.