Current Stats Script

Get your stats here! Here's a simple script to poll your node and the blockchain.

Validator Toolbox Users

This is option #1 in your toolbox menu. You also have the option of getting your stats at anytime by using the included script customzied for the toolbox .env file:

python3 ~/validatortoolbox/toolbox/

First Time or Non Toolbox Users

We've released a python script for finding stats on any server. You'll need to have python3 and pip3 installed for this to run.

To install the stats script run the following:

wget && pip3 install colorama

After downloading the file you'll need to customize 2 lines inside of it.


Save it and exit. Now that it's set up you can run it anytime with:

python3 ~/

Here's an example of Shard 3 in sync via the output of python3 ~/

Example output of our script

Here's the breakdown of the output:

  • First line is a simple print of the date & time
  • Second Section - Compares shard 0 on your server to shard 0 on the blockchain.
  • Third Section - Compares local shard (3 in this photo) on your server to shard on the blockchain
  • Uptime - Your node information: how long it's been booted up, # of users, cpu load average - lower means less resources in use
  • Harmony DB Size - A print out of the size of your databases noted with name to the right of each.
  • Harmony Version - A print out of the current version of your harmony application