Our tips on rewards for stakers and validators

Rewards as a Delegator

Usually one of the first things to come up in chat is "When will I get rewarded?" and we can cover that here as well. You've hit Delegate and signed over $ONE to be used on a validator, great! Now you want to know when you'll get paid.

  • You will get rewards in real time when the next epoch starts
  • You can claim your rewards at anytime
  • You can compound your rewards once you have 1000 $ONE, the minimum to delegate

Rewards as a Validator

Validator rewards are earned along side the delegator rewards. The fee is deducted at the same time (if there is a fee on your validator) and has already been removed from your coins available to claim.

  • How much you earn depends on a lot of factors. The more ONE staked, the more one you make.
  • An entry validator with 1 key should make enough to cover their monthly server fees.