Changing Shards

Some quick notes on swapping shards. This is an advanced tactic which requires some previous knowledge to pull off.

Moving Shards

Here's how to move shards at an epoch change. There's some things you'll need to get ready on the front end to swap shards:

  • Spin up a server on your new shard, creating new .key/.pass files (or loading ones you previously had for the target shard), and get the database in sync
  • Once synced up you are ready to add the new key from the new shard onto the blockchain via edit-validator commands
  • Once new keys are added, remove the old keys from the old shard
  • Leave both servers online until the epoch election happens
  • After the election, when the old server is done signing for the previous epoch you can shut down/retire/archive the server as per usual
  • New server will sign after the election using your newly added keys