Validator Wallet

As a validator your going to need a wallet for validation. Keep this section handy (or go ahead and create a wallet to be used for your validator now) when you're ready to add your wallet information onto your Server Node.

Create A Wallet

We suggest creating a brand new wallet and only using your designated "Validator Wallet" for validating and collecting the rewards you get from it to keep your data separate.

Create a fresh wallet on your first server

You can create a wallet on your own node by running the following commands.

cd ~/harmony
./hmy keys add serviceharmony --passphrase

It will ask for your password twice, and then repeat back your mnemonic phrase. Keep it somewhere safe and secure and never share it with anyone! You only get one shot at writing down your mnemonic phrase with this option, be very careful and record it properly

Option B: Restore an existing wallet

You also have the option of restoring an imported wallet although we highly discourage using any wallet that may be compromised. We don't provide instructions on this but the restore commands are in the official documents if you decide to go this route.

  • At this time you cannot use a hardware wallet to manage your server.
  • You must also import your validator wallet into metamask to vote on The VDAO is looking into allowing a proxy wallet to vote in the future.

Fund Wallet

Send at least 10001 Harmony $ONE to the new wallet you have created before you send your create-validator command on the blockchain during the Official Setup.