Create A User Account

How to create a regular user account in linux to use for login.

Make a regular user account

Since there are many versions of Linux we won't cover this in depth but here's what you'll need to do:

  • never run as root
  • Make a regular user account
  • Setup SSH key pairs for login
  • Here's a guide covering ssh key pair creation and usage in depth.
    • We highly suggest SSH key login and disabling password logins for security purposes.
  • We suggest using Termius for file transfers the easy way on windows
  • If you have problems google how to make a user account and how to give it root access for your provider or operating system as that has too many variables to cover.
  • We suggest using the name serviceharmony or something similar for your account to keep it unique. The official guide suggests harmony but that can lead to confusion having your account named the same as the folder it's in and having an app of the same name.

Creation Commands

After you log into your new server as root perform the following:


Answer the prompted questions (you can just leave them blank, this is just local info on your server).

User Creation Ubuntu

Then add your new user to the sudoers group. Replace serviceharmony with your username if you're deviating.

usermod -aG sudo serviceharmony

User Creation Ubuntu

New User ready

You can now login as the new user using the password created.

SSH Key Login

You'll want to setup SSH Key Login. See this guide for info on creating, installing and managing SSH Keys.