What to expect before becoming a validator

Before you get started on making a validator we'll be covering these things that come up often. Here's a long list of things to read and think about before you proceed with jumping into becoming a validator.

How much time does it take to manage a validator?

When you first start you spend more time watching your validator every 18 hours. As you gain delegations you can learn more and further automate things to free up more time. There are some skills that need to be learned so that may increase the learning curve for some administrators.

Linux Administrator Skills

You'll have to commit to learning how to become a Linux Administrator, keep up with the server admin changes for Harmony and have time to assist your delegators if issues arise.

In reality you should probably already have a few years of Linux systems administrations skills under your belt already if you decide to get into running a validator. It's still possible to learn everything you need to know in a rapid amount of time if you've got computer basics down. Here's some things to be familiar with.
Understand every command you run before you execute it and why you are performing it

  • Be familiar with virtual machines and Ubuntu Server
  • Know how to create, manipulate and update files and directories
  • Know how to manage file permissions
  • Know how to create users and manage permissions
  • Know how to manage and modify bash scripts
  • Know how to manage services
  • Know how to read logs and troubleshoot issues that may arise.

At this point if you're no longer interested any further at running a validator staking is a wonderful option with a lot less work to get a bigger reward than validators make off of fees.

If you're familiar with most of this you can skip to the parts you need more info on or go straight to our Post Install - Pro Tips section.

If you do not know how to complete the tasks on the list above keep reading before you decide to jump into the life of 18 hour cycles as full time validator.

General Help

Beyond our Discord server If you run into issues during your setup the best place to reach out for help is the Harmony Mainnet Staking Telegram Channel. A team of community volunteers is waiting to assist if you have any questions.