Being A Validator

What it's like to be a validator on Harmony ONE!

Becoming a Validator

The TL;DR overview of becoming a validator at the current time

  • Create nodes (servers) to sign blocks for your validator wallet
  • Create a brand and market it, a lot
  • Find a way to add to the community, make people know you're helping
  • Answer questions in the official harmony support channels
  • Work on getting more delegations, you'll need it
  • Debate when it's an appropriate time to add a 2nd BLS key to your server (right now it's around 10 million before you look at a 2nd key)
  • Start new nodes as info and shard conditions change daily

Setting up a Server Node

The TL;DR on creating nodes (servers)

There's really not much to configuring a new harmony node server or rolling out an additional node when needed if you're familiar with Linux and if the following list is familiar to you:

  • Create cloud server
  • Create a non-root user account
  • Create a directory for the install files and database
  • Download and install hmy & harmony
  • Setup BLS keys in .hmy/blskeys
  • Import or create a wallet
  • Sync Database
  • Install and start service
  • Setup scripts to assist with management

During Installation use our middle section along with the official Harmony guide.

After Setup Steps

The TL;DR on life after you've worked and become elected

After you're elected and you've worked hard enough to secure enough delegates to become stable here's what the validator life is like daily.

  • Monitor stats non stop on Smart Stake's Next Election site
  • Monitor stats on your nodes
  • Monitor uptime (aka missed signings)
  • Investigate missed signings
  • Make decisions on adding or removing BLS keys before elections every 18ish hours
  • Take crap for making any decision
  • Market your brand some more to get more delegations
  • Repeat