Harmony ONE Documents Companion Guide

Welcome to Easy Node Validator's Companion guide. Here we cover what it takes to become a Validator on Harmony ONE and what you can expect along the journey.

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Getting Started

We created this guide originally in March of 2021 to help new Harmony ONE Validators get started after working through the official Harmony ONE Documentation. After that experience combined with our years as being a system administrator we knew the documents were overwhelming for how little information you really use.

Latest current updates applied 5/5/2022.


While the Official Harmony $ONE Validator guide is quite amazing and helpful, there are some gaps left that may leave some new administrators with questions. We'll tackle all those and more here.


This guide is divided into 3 sections:

  • Before Starting: What to expect before becoming a validator. Prospective New Validators should give this section a good read before attempting to install Harmony Validator Node Software.
  • Official Guide Companion: Matches up to the official harmony document website section for section. We give you notes to know before you tackle the official documents that contain far too much information for other scenarios.
  • Post Install Tips: what to do after your validator is created and what to expect.