Easy Node's Post Install Tips

Here's a few things to know and check up on after you get setup on Findora.

Backup Key Files

Backup the following files, run cat <filename> to see the contents or use an sFTP program to transfer them to a secure location. These contain private information, do not share!!!

# Wallet recovery files
# Validator information file, this one can be recreated but handy to save

Backup all files inside of the following folder as well:

# Validator recovery file

Troubleshooting Process

Determine if your problem is with fn or with docker.

Docker Container Troubleshooting

First, check to see if your docker container is running:

docker ps

Second, if the container is offline at this point, try the update_version script. You can pull the latest copy and run it with the following code:

cd ~/ && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/easy-node-one/findora-validator-scripts/main/easy_update_mainnet.sh -O update_mainnet.sh && bash -x update_mainnet.sh

At the end of our script, your stats will print out, if there's any errors during that output check your logs with the following command:

docker logs findorad

If you see an access error, you will need to re-run the safety_clean script at this point. You can pull the latest copy and run it with the following code, this will wipe and reload the database:

cd ~/ && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/easy-node-one/findora-validator-scripts/main/safety_clean_mainnet.sh -O safety_clean.sh && bash -x safety_clean.sh

At the end of our script, your stats will print out. You should be back online at this point and syncing should resume. Check your stats until catching_up is false with the following code:

curl 'http://localhost:26657/status'

fn Troubleshooting

Run fn and make sure it's error free. If you have any errors there's 3 commands to setup/reset fn, run the following for mainnet (replace mainnet with testnet if testing):

expor ROOT_DIR=/data/findora/mainnet && fn setup -S https://prod-mainnet.prod.findora.org && fn setup -O ${ROOT_DIR}/node.mnemonic && fn setup -K ${ROOT_DIR}/tendermint/config/priv_validator_key.json

Once you've reconnected the files with the above command fn show should now properly display your wallet (and if created on chain, validator) information.

Common Commands

The most commonly used commands and how to find the rest that may be needed.

Check Logs

Run the following to follow along live with your logs:

docker logs -f findorad

Check Signing

Run the following on console on your server to show the latest stats.

fn show

FN Show Info

Check Status

If the following commands return status messages without any errors, then your node has been successfully configured and started:

curl 'http://localhost:26657/status'
curl 'http://localhost:8669/version'
curl 'http://localhost:8668/version' # Only if you set the 'ENABLE_LEDGER_SERVICE'
curl 'http://localhost:8667/version' # Only if you set the 'ENABLE_QUERY_SERVICE'

Validator Software Version Updates

See this page for tips & links to scripts to update the validator container.

Update Image Version

The version_update_mainnet.sh script will stop your container, pull in any updates, and restart the container if your files are in the proper spot and your permissions are set properly.

Safety Clean

This script will wipe your data and reload a fresh database. This can take some time so there will be missed blocks but it will just clean the data and restart your validator without wiping other files.

Validator Information & Rate Updates

Here's a few commands you'll use for submitting validator info & rate updates.

Updating Validator Information

Simply edit your staker_memo file and then re-submit the updated information with following command:
fn staker-update -M "$(cat staker_memo)"

Updating Rate (Fee)

If you would like to change your commission simply add the -R flag and your new rate, this is an example to set it to 5% commission:
fn staker-update -R 0.05

Update Info & Rate

If you would like to update both at the same time you can chain the commands together, ie:
fn staker-update -M "$(cat staker_memo)" -R 0.05