Our Notes on Moving Servers

For people looking to move providers and re-create a validator, you'll need to import a few files and be sure to shut off the old server long before recreating a server to avoid double signing slashing (5% from your pool). The slashing fee for Missing Blocks is far less and easier to explain than getting slashed for 5%.

Backup Files

You should already have a backup copy of the following files & folders:


When you get to running the automated script in the guide, you can make sure you've updated both of these files before you run the bash script to install.

How to Migrate Servers

The best method to avoid double signing is to use our installation guide to setup a new validator, new wallet and new private key doing a normal installation of Findora.

Once fn show is working with the new wallet info and when the docker container is synced up you can then proceed with the following:

On your old server

  • Stop Docker To Stop Signing
docker stop findorad && docker rm findorad && rm -rf /data/findora/mainnet/tendermint/config/addrbook.json

On your new server

  • Stop Docker To Stop Signing
docker stop findorad && docker rm findorad && rm -rf /data/findora/mainnet/tendermint/config/addrbook.json
  • Import tmp.gen.keypair
  • Create or Import node.mnemonic file. Transfer your node.mnemonic to /data/findora/mainnet/ folder or manually replace mnemonic phrases with your 24 words from tmp.gen.keypair file:
echo 'mnemonic phrases'> /data/findora/mainnet/node.mnemonic
  • Import /data/findora/mainnet/tendermint/config files
  • Verify new information is shown in fn show with your proper wallet address showing. Verify it matches key on your old validator!
  • Restart Docker Container with previous keys using the update_image_version script:
wget https://wiki.findora.org/assets/files/update_version_mainnet-4f20384f16d1f0e2d90e1f7ebc7ea935.sh && bash -x update_version_mainnet-4f20384f16d1f0e2d90e1f7ebc7ea935.sh

If your validator address is different than what your old server has (or is different than the address ini priv_validator_key.json) then verify your priv_validator_key.json file is corrct or update it, reconnect it to fn, restart your docker container and it should start signing on your previous validator keys.