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What does someone need to do to become a Findora Validator?

You'll start by having at least 10k Findora on chain in a wallet you control. After reading up on how to run a validator you can rent a VPS (Virutal Private Server) or depending on skill level find an Ubuntu server to run Findora. Once you've setup the software you're in the post installation phase where you'll monitor your server (use vStatsFindoraBot on telegram) and start working to obtain a higher total delegation to earn more rewards.

What is a Findora Validator?

Like most EVM type validators, Findora validators are responsible for processing the blocks. The validator who proposes the block on Findora gets the reward. Here's some differences for those familiar with Harmony ONE:

  • 21 day unstaking (but you continue to earn while unstaking!)
  • 0% minimum fee, fees set by individual validators
  • 0.3 Findora fee for each missed block shared by your entire delegation pool
  • 5% slashing fee on your entire delegation pool for double Signing
  • Top 100 Validators by Stake are elected each "block" to be eligible for rewards
  • Validator has to provide the proposed block to receive rewards
  • No minimum staking amounts

Getting Findora

Currently the easiest way to obtain Findora is via KuCoin. Here's the steps you'll need to complete to get Findora staked:

  • Buy on KuCoin
  • Send to your EVM MetaMask 0x address
  • Setup Findora EVM Network in MetaMask
  • Install Findora native wallet on same PC
  • Bridge from MM to Findora
  • Stake via the Findora native wallet

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Findora Staking Guide

The Official Findora Staking Guide

Install The Easy Node Way

When using our guides or tips you can always assume the following things that aren't really specified in the Harmony Documents. We call this "The Easy Node Way" which helps with organization and security:

  • Setup a user account to run docker & findora
    • Don't use root or findora as account names!!!
    • We suggest your username as something like servicefindora

Validator Support

While no support is provided and you are your own help desk, you can always ask for help in...