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Welcome to Easy Node's Guides for Harmony $ONE Protocol & Findora $FRA Validators.

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Easy Node started as the validator Slugom Crypto back in March 2021. We've since released many tools for Validators and Delegators of Harmony ONE to utilize. We started validating on Findora in May 2022 and quickly updated our guides to include notes for people looking to run a Findora Validator.

You can find our current website at EasyNode.ONE!

You can find a deep dive on us in our About Easy Node section.

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About this guide

Harmony ONE Guides


Staking guide coming soon! In a future update we'll create full guides for staking either Harmony or Findora.

Validator Guides

While the Official Harmony $ONE Validator guide is quite amazing and helpful, there are some gaps left that may leave some new administrators with questions.

We created a guide in March 2021 for New Validators to make it through the official documentation easier. That has become our "New Validators" section while the "Experienced Validators" covers using our advanced toolbox software.


We highly suggest new Harmony $ONE Validators manually install their first server software setup before using our validatortoolbox application!

We updated the guide in May 2022 to have separate sections for Harmony & Findora.

Findora Guides


Staking guide coming soon!

Validator Guides

We finished setup of our Findora Validator in May 2022. We've included some notes to assist with their guide which may have a few hurdles along the way.

Setup & Validator Support

While no setup help or support is officially provided and you are your own help desk, you can always ask for help in...